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in Cargo Insurance Articles - 18 Aug, 2013
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Worldwide Shipping Rules

International shipping regulations are quite basic and remain unchanged, for the most part, around the world. Aside from governmental regulations that can place limits on the quantity of goods imported and/or exported and also the type or manner of goods being handled, the overall basic shipping regulations all involve: proper packing, proper labelling, proper documentation and proper insurance. If any one of these elements is missing or inadequately supplied then the cargo in question will get held up. Shipping companies pay special attention to these matters because they know that international shipping regulations require a high degree of accuracy. When it comes to the particular international shipping regulations of individual states or countries, your freight forwarder will know what needs to be done and what limits or restrictions might be placed on your cargo. Let us take a quick look at the basic regulations.

Proper Packing

The proper packing of international freight is as basic as it gets. Without proper packing the shipment can easily get damaged and/or lost in transit. The proper packing will ensure that the shipping companies handling the shipment will not have to worry as much about liability should anything go wrong. However, despite the positive that proper packing has for the shipping companies, it also provides peace-of-mind to the person or business shipping the cargo.

Cargo Insurance

Proper Labelling

International shipping regulations have very strict codes that must be followed when it comes to labelling a shipment. Without the proper labels, the cargo can get lost in transit or end up in the wrong place altogether. The proper labelling makes it easy for the shipper, the shipping company and the receiver to follow and trace the cargo from the time that it is picked up to the time it is dropped off. The proper labelling is truly essential if you want your shipment to get to its ultimate destination quickly and without any problems.

Worldwide Shipping Rules

Proper Documentation

Along with the proper labelling, it is important for your international cargo to have all of the proper documentation filled in and filed with the right agencies and authorities. Generally such paperwork is done by a competent and experience customer broker. The documentation will allow the cargo to pass through customs without any hassle. If a shipment does not have the proper documentation or if the papers are not filled out properly, then the shipment will definitely get stuck at the border. Getting a shipment out of customs after the fact can be a lot harder than simply filling out the proper forms ahead of time. So, if you have an international shipment to make, get a good customs broker to take care of this is area of concern.

Proper Insurance

Most shipping companies will not even consider taking on a shipment if it is not insured properly – especially when it comes to a large cargo or fragile items. Getting your shipment insured is just common sense. If your shipment is insured then you do not have to worry about it getting lost or damaged – your goods are covered.

Worldwide Shipping Rules

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