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Cargo Insurance Articles
in Cargo Insurance Articles - 07 Sep, 2013
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You will find several kinds of brokerage – foreign currency (foreign exchange) brokerage, stocks, commodity, property (including hotel brokerage), mortgage, insurance, boat and yacht charter, and ship brokerage. The second, that is most adequately known to as brokerage for worldwide shipping or ship brokerage is distinguishable in the other forms because it is substantially categorized [...]

in Cargo Insurance Articles - 31 Aug, 2013
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Everybody / company who is the owner of an industrial truck will need an industrial trucking insurance coverage for this before you take the18 wheeler towards the road. Such expenses may cause an effect on the person’s or company’s financial status. Within the Chicago metro area, a principal liability trucking policy with cargo and interchange [...]

in Cargo Insurance Articles - 25 Aug, 2013
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Freight forwarders are some of the most significant aspects of the shipping industry. Without freight shipping services, companies and people alike could be challenged to provide their items all over the world. Commercial cargo is among the driving factors from the global economy, and the like bulk deliveries are just thanks to the expertise of [...]

in Cargo Insurance Articles - 18 Aug, 2013
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International shipping regulations are quite basic and remain unchanged, for the most part, around the world. Aside from governmental regulations that can place limits on the quantity of goods imported and/or exported and also the type or manner of goods being handled, the overall basic shipping regulations all involve: proper packing, proper labelling, proper documentation [...]